Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

All is well

EDAN,, klo jari gw jempol semua gw bakal angkat semuanya buat film ini,, 3 idiots but they not at all the idiots,,

Klo kalian lagi ada di suasana putus asa, you better and have to watch this movie,,Banyak pesan moral di film ini,, no no,, semua scene di film ini pesan moral,, termasuk ngencingin rumah rektor,, ahahahaha,,

One of the moral message that I can be digested in this movie,,, it is Life mighty buddy and There is nothing to complain about, if you lose something or got some bad situation just cheers,,take it easy,, God is the best planner,,your live is too precious to being a Fuckin’ complainer,, because every damn thing is well,, ALL IS WELL

Dan satu lg gara2 film ini gw jadi punya niatan nyari calon umi org india,, tp bukan india-malaysia FK UNPAD yg suka nyebrang jembatan terseram di Jatinangor jam 11 malem sambil bawa obor dan kadang bikin gw ngakak,, ahaha,, “hellooo,,in this second millenium I bet you know what exactly a flashlight is siiirrr,,”

Let’s watch it,, not the idiots with the torch but the movie,, hope you inspired,,^^

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