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This is for Gaza,,

My name is dimas, 22 years old and I could eat a plate of rice without heard the bomb explode in front of my house,, could you imagine when your mom eat then suddenly the apache shoot your ma and blew up your home??

I am a man who could pray without sniper watch me at top of the roof,, or any weapon in my head when I asked some petition to the God through my mouth that smooth to move,, could you imagine,, when you want to go to the church or mosque, wanna meet your God, wanna pray, wanna hope, just want to make your heart calm,, then suddenly some people with AK-47 block you, then hit you, and shoot you, just because you want to ask something to your God,,

Thank God you gave me a comfort home with whole complete family, I could go to work and did my job easily, I could eat some J-Co, and watched some concert, Iron Man II movie, and Harry Potter ,Because at gaza your main job is just pray, hope your family not to be the next bullet target of the Zionist, cause they claim if you are terrosist,, At gaza, screaming because saw your lying child with blood was a common fear and you just cried at the inside of your home, hope not to be the next target of Zionist bomb,,

Your main job is just pray, hope you can get just some food,, although just a piece of bread not the J-Co, there you go,, Hope the electricity that controlled by ‘disgust-thing’ could light up not just 4 hours a day, light up just for light a lamp not for watching the sequel of Iron Man,, In Gaza your job is queue for long time just to get a water not for concert ticket of Dashboard or to watch Harry Potter,,

Start to see the Palestinian include environment around us right now people, not just ourself,, give them more aid at least with pray and word list, give them more aid people, at least we brave to say “GO TO HELL ZIONIST”, show our care to the Palestinian and people around us, at least reduce our better life complaining guys,,

God,, Please save and protect our land,, and im sure You have a beautiful plan,, Just free them God,, because they just need a freedom,, God, move Your all ingenious creatures include myself to know how luckiest they are,, how luckiest i am,, Move us to could see how miserable if our land occupied by disgusting greedy man who no shame, move our heart God, to never forget the Gaza,,

Longlive Gaza,, God Bless Palestine,,
"They stole my land, burnt my olive trees, destroyed my house, took my water, imprisoned my father, killed my mother, starved us all, humiliated us all. But I am to blame : I shot a rocket back. So they stole more of my land, burnt my olive trees, destroyed my house, took my water, bombed my country..."(Via Palestineonlinestore.com)


For Participating bloggersunite 9th july-“we will not forget you Gaza”-Palestine Legal Aid Fund www.humanrightsfund.org

(hope you inspired,, sorry for my simple terrible English,, ^^)

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