Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

good evening, your next destination is...

Egypt,, the best place on earth for me,, the number one place before Mecca,Ireland, and Ottoman Turkey,, one of the gorgeous prophet land,, Moses AS,,

Cairo is the one from my many reason why I must saved my money,, ahahaha,,

When I got some bad situation the cairo photographs could make me cheers back (hyperbola but I mean it,, it's so effective,, if you got some bad mood and you have something that it is your dream,, look at it,,)

This place had getting honor to being my Desktop Background,,
not her,, really,,

My dreamland,, someday i hope will be there,, life there,, survive for my live there,,at least take some vacation,, ahaha,, no,, no,, i want LIFE there,, Please God,,

I hope i'll go with somebody I knew (try to ask Roland Karang or you maybe,, hahaha),, survive our live together,, and I have relative there,, don’t you worry,, well,, I just know,, hahaha,, but I am sure he is a good person,, he is Al-Azhar college student,, Law faculty,, married,, and have one gorgeous daughter,,

So,, anyone come with me?? If you will,, let’s pack and prepare first then we try to live in the other land buddy,, we are young, wild, and FIERY (Via Rhoma Irama)

*Ka Amran maaf ga sempet izin,, aku numpang copas foto2 cantiknya ya ka include your lovely daughter,,

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