Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

do you want give a name??

when my master called me and asked..

are you happy??
always, thx God

missing badly?
you never have a clue, only when i sleep that feeling disappear

did you suffer?
not really

are.. you.. sure??
hahaha,, ok,, sometimes

is that love?
more than that

blind "more than that"?
no,,it was enough, no more

past syndrome?
past is past, just reflection, always remember, make hard to get the better

butterflies in your stomach?
pterodactyl sir, sometimes they are superman

are you dying?
i dont know, no exactly

so, you never feel like this before?
you know me better sir, never

believe in God??
absolutely yes

enjoy, buddy
so, what is this?

"no name"

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