Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

where can i buy some elixir?

you go so fast, feels like i am standing on the race
im 23, i know, just like my live was flow, still hope they could move slow
i had have no dream, had have no plan, but FYI it was fearless, ageless

this year im 24, i know, im shocked, slowly dear, im on my way to hit some rock
John Mayer said "im only good at being young", sure he's true
so now im fear, feels like aging steer, need a cup of elixir

no, im not afraid to die, because there,
i believe God have very nice place, a big space
im just scared about if that big space is not for me,
so just please move slow baby
slowly, i've no provision yet, my 23 to 24 feels flat

"enjoy your live" they said
absolutely, i enjoyed it, really
but sometimes this enjoy thing make me silly
too much fun, too much laugh, i have everything
but how about some people who cant laugh, who have nothing??

im scared this fun, this laugh, this everything are my "big space" thing,,
so when my God call me back, i have nothing,,

actually, this feeling just for awhile,
after this post i will back for some laugh,
enjoy my live, back feels like i have everything,
human base, never want through a maze

"enjoy your live" said my friend
i asked "so, please stop this train"
and they said, "honestly, we never can,,"

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  1. of my favorite word!
    my boyfie created a song for me *pamer* and i called the song, elixir
    sirik gak lo?
    sirik donk
    sirik yah
    daaaah jombloooo